various – voix souterraines : onzieme cave / en dessous de tout (2003/2004)

It’s not easy to define the Cavage collective from France. Each artist that has contributed to the releases have their own distinct style on whatever genre they swing more towards, including breakcore, hip-hop, industrial, IDM or noise which make for crazy, experimental concoctions, mostly of the harsh, distorted variety. These two records were released at the height of their productivity in 2003 – 04 respectively and are host to a plague of crazed hybrids, but unlike previous releases these are more centred around hip-hop of an abstract nature & include much more vocals, be they spoken word, raps or singing.

It’s interesting to hear more of a breakbeat, humorous approach in both voix souterraines – onzieme cave & en dessous de tout as opposed to the strictly coarse & rough back catalogue, however with no real defined path it’s hard to appreciate these releases as a whole unless your tastes span the spectrum of odd influences it’s drawn upon. There are choice cuts that recognise the ensembles variety, thorough and skilful production values and it’s good to see they do what they do strictly for themselves rather then for acclaim or to emulate any genre specifically, but sometimes the anomaly that is Cavage gets the better of itself and falls unnecessarily into the novelty bracket. These two releases aside, it’s definitely worth investing some quality listening time into their back catalogue, prior to their penchant for the weird.