clipping. – a retrospective analysis

Despite the recent spike in attention towards the Sub Pop signed, Los Angeles hip-hop trio clipping., Daveed Diggs, Jonathan Snipes, & William Hutson have all been floating around in various projects for some time now. A few of their more notable contributions include the long running experimental project Captain Ahab (Snipes), hip-hop outfit True Neutral […]

food for animals – belly (2008)

Bit-crushed into a form resembling that of a hip-hop mixtape, Belly is a coherent execution of digital mayhem, stretching the production tedium to breaking point. Jarring, IDM inspired electronics break you into an unexpected journey down the rabbit hole, slowing to an identifiable beat / rap scenario ala tween my lips. The tout intensity is only momentarily slackened as once […]

ЧАЙ / tea (2011)

The name чай translated to english is tchai. What is the relevance of this name? {Slava} The name of our band is translated like ‘tea’, the best drink in the world. While we were recording our first tracks, we drank a lot of tea. It was winter, it was cold, tea warms. {Ivan} The story of our […]