goatvargr – black snow epoch (2010)

This is the second instance of influential post-industrial musician Henrik Nordvargr Björkk [Nordvargr] & prominent junk / metal noiser Andy O’Sullivan [Goat] pairing to form the obviously titled combination of both projects. Judging by the electronic exploration Björkk has gone through over the years, it would be fair to assume that he has handled the […]

cortex – vacuum theory (2011)

Alex and Daniel Buess of 16-17 free jazz / noise reputation stretched out their musical tree in 1998 with this side project referred to as Cortex. Over a decade of live performances and yet only now have they decided to drop an EP on us through the fantastic Praxis label. Alex Buess’ inclusion in the […]

eraserhead (1977)

Eraserhead, the lugubrious little layer cake of dread that some refer to as a film, sets it’s sights early on dragging it’s audience into some kind of multi-faceted fear of being alive – and keeps right on sinking like a junky with a stomach full of river rocks. Easily one of director David Lynch’s more […]

chrysalide (2011)

Your music aims to provoke, there’s no doubt about that. What exactly are your motivations with both Chrysalide and the collective consciences’ of the Audiotrauma collective? {Syco} We are not here to entertain, but we are not here to lead an utopian revolution either – we are here to unplug a maximum of listeners. Even if […]