hansel – lorentzian lineshaper (2006)

Devising an excursion through beat experimentations and running off hip-hop sensibilities, Hansel musicians Alan Fux & M.X. Lopecx built Lorentzian Lineshaper back in 2006. This is the most developed of their catalogue and also their latest which seems quite a shame because they’ve managed to marry everything so confidently, it’s a wonder they didn’t churn […]

faust vs dälek – derbe respect, alder (2004)

Faust & Dälek respectively have a history of experimentation that runs deep. Dälek especially have brought much needed creative merit to a narrow-minded hip-hop culture, while Faust have been forever eschewing their musical pigeonhole as ‘krautrock’ since their beginning’s in the early 1970’s. Collectively, they’ve brought together the finer points of both groups signature sounds […]

uochi toki – uochi toki (2004)

A self titled, nonsensical hip-hop centred experimentation with no track titles, a phenomenal 81 tracks, provocative, chop changing production and no cover art; probably the closest explanation to the exploits of Uochi Toki. Putting to the side the language barrier when it comes to the italian raps, the overly twisted and chaotic execution of the […]