shit and shine – bass puppy (2010)

Utilising two very simple dubstep style loops, Shit and Shine masticate and reinterpret them amidst a bevy of effects, vocal samples, processed field recordings, noise and folk music. It’s obvious these were attacked from an outsiders perspective with no regard or care for the integrity of dubstep, which is it’s biggest asset because the loops […]

goatvargr – black snow epoch (2010)

This is the second instance of influential post-industrial musician Henrik Nordvargr Björkk [Nordvargr] & prominent junk / metal noiser Andy O’Sullivan [Goat] pairing to form the obviously titled combination of both projects. Judging by the electronic exploration Björkk has gone through over the years, it would be fair to assume that he has handled the […]

dead fader – corrupt my examiner (2010)

Corrupt my Examiner is a joyful eruption of what slam dancing would accompany should it ever be permitted in a discothèque. Razor blade rhythm’s mash with digitally distorted bass lines and screaming high notes that one unbeknownst to the shock values of noise would find grating and difficult to dance to. The melody lines challenge […]