shit and shine – bass puppy (2010)

Utilising two very simple dubstep style loops, Shit and Shine masticate and reinterpret them amidst a bevy of effects, vocal samples, processed field recordings, noise and folk music. It’s obvious these were attacked from an outsiders perspective with no regard or care for the integrity of dubstep, which is it’s biggest asset because the loops themselves are simply used to ground the recording as they corrupt the sound scape around them, constructing a morbid, aural ballet.

The title track is a lot more developed then the b-side, progressing through a few shifts and tiers of destruction, maintaining very compelling listening for the 8 and a half minute stretch and eventuating in an evil climax of audio defilement. Fuck You Folk Singers doesn’t achieve on nearly the same level – nothing but the loop as the unchanging factor, the running time is longer, fewer experimentation layers, and generally just boring in comparison. Luckily for the Bass Puppy track, its depth and scope redeem the faults of its underdone counterpart, yet at the same time being that it’s the second side, it’s a lacklustre finish for such a stand out first track.