sensational meets koyxen – sensational meets koyxen (2010)

This is the second instance whereby producer Kouhei Matsunaga & rapper Sensational have teamed up to deliver a feature collaboration. Another completely disjointed string of off cut loops, broken raps, sprinkled with erratic sound effects and filed under presumably irrelevant or deliberately random titles such as gh, l;j, 417, one_two & 325.

There is a definite chemistry between these two artists though; Sensational’s nonsensical, rambling, often offbeat rhyming structure compliments the repetitive beats, occasionally disrupted by electronic jaunts to avoid total monotony. The appeal overall is that of a raw, almost timeless collection of tracks, undefined and without any intentional outcome as such – no meaning, no message, disposable & straight off the drawing board, almost as if it were a freestyle mixtape laid over some skeletal beat ideas.

On par with Anti-Pop and Kool Keith’s numerous solo ventures, Sensational Meets Koyxeи is as void as their 2006 effort but that’s exactly the reason why it will always work and will always be hip-hop in it’s purist form.