scorn – yozza (2011)

Yozza has come a long way from the initial scorn sound of Colossus & Evanescence etc. & even from Gyral, the first Scorn release after Nick Bullen’s departure from the group. Mick Harris’ heavy dub inclusion into the sound, the primary reason behind Bullen’s leaving, is still highly prevalent though, so much so that the illbient prominence of aforementioned earlier releases has now been superseded by more of a dubstep strength with an even more brutal take on bass and clattering percussive mess.

As short as the EP is, Yozza has taken pointers from tracks on previous release Refuse; Start Fires such as Take Someone’s Eye Out & Bear Felt Nowt and harnessed that intensity in a thick slab of raw, simple power. The disappointing aspect of Yozza’s sound, most notable from Stealth onwards, is it’s individuality; no longer does Scorn sit on it’s own, especially when labels like Ad Noiseam, Harris’ current label OHM Resistance & Ant-Zen are breeding a healthy array of morbid ambient, drone & industrially infused electronic music.

Granted, Harris has been progressively shifting, and quite possibly a large proportion of these artists built their own, sometimes distilled styles as renditions of Scorn’s sound, but in today’s fierce industry something like Yozza has good reply value but less of a timelessness as say Greetings From Birmingham. Either way, it’s still a hard & heavy example of demanding brute force done well.