food for animals – belly (2008)

Bit-crushed into a form resembling that of a hip-hop mixtape, Belly is a coherent execution of digital mayhem, stretching the production tedium to breaking point. Jarring, IDM inspired electronics break you into an unexpected journey down the rabbit hole, slowing to an identifiable beat / rap scenario ala tween my lips. The tout intensity is only momentarily slackened as once […]

uochi toki – uochi toki (2004)

A self titled, nonsensical hip-hop centred experimentation with no track titles, a phenomenal 81 tracks, provocative, chop changing production and no cover art; probably the closest explanation to the exploits of Uochi Toki. Putting to the side the language barrier when it comes to the italian raps, the overly twisted and chaotic execution of the […]