faust vs dälek – derbe respect, alder (2004)

Faust & Dälek respectively have a history of experimentation that runs deep. Dälek especially have brought much needed creative merit to a narrow-minded hip-hop culture, while Faust have been forever eschewing their musical pigeonhole as ‘krautrock’ since their beginning’s in the early 1970’s. Collectively, they’ve brought together the finer points of both groups signature sounds […]

cortex – vacuum theory (2011)

Alex and Daniel Buess of 16-17 free jazz / noise reputation stretched out their musical tree in 1998 with this side project referred to as Cortex. Over a decade of live performances and yet only now have they decided to drop an EP on us through the fantastic Praxis label. Alex Buess’ inclusion in the […]

necro deathmort – this beat is necrotronic (2009)

A patchwork of broken threads mended to adorn those known as Necro Deathmort, This Beat Is Necrotronic is a good fit for such a demonic and morbid sounding collective. Clearly not just morbid from the occult flavoured cover alone, the music is a treacherous sludge through the doom laced waters it’s influenced by, straining each track […]

dead fader – corrupt my examiner (2010)

Corrupt my Examiner is a joyful eruption of what slam dancing would accompany should it ever be permitted in a discothèque. Razor blade rhythm’s mash with digitally distorted bass lines and screaming high notes that one unbeknownst to the shock values of noise would find grating and difficult to dance to. The melody lines challenge […]

durlin lurt – him jenson (2008)

Given the resurgence of the eighties, namely that of the cassette format, there are certain stigma’s surrounding the music that is held therein. One certain feature that is now harnessed as an effect rather then a downside of the format is the static distortion & loss of detail. This concept release is ever present with this over arching effect and probably the […]