scorn – yozza (2011)

Yozza has come a long way from the initial scorn sound of Colossus & Evanescence etc. & even from Gyral, the first Scorn release after Nick Bullen’s departure from the group. Mick Harris’ heavy dub inclusion into the sound, the primary reason behind Bullen’s leaving, is still highly prevalent though, so much so that the […]

death grips – exmilitary (2011)

Having an opinion on something when that particular something is in the thick of a sensation is difficult, especially when trying not to involve the cultural impact surrounding said phenomenon. The phenomenon here is Death Grips. Comprising of members MC Ride, secondary vocalist & lyricist Mexican Girl, coproducer Info Warrior, drummer Zach Hill, & founding […]

hansel – lorentzian lineshaper (2006)

Devising an excursion through beat experimentations and running off hip-hop sensibilities, Hansel musicians Alan Fux & M.X. Lopecx built Lorentzian Lineshaper back in 2006. This is the most developed of their catalogue and also their latest which seems quite a shame because they’ve managed to marry everything so confidently, it’s a wonder they didn’t churn […]

goatvargr – black snow epoch (2010)

This is the second instance of influential post-industrial musician Henrik Nordvargr Björkk [Nordvargr] & prominent junk / metal noiser Andy O’Sullivan [Goat] pairing to form the obviously titled combination of both projects. Judging by the electronic exploration Björkk has gone through over the years, it would be fair to assume that he has handled the […]

still – remains (2005)

For those unaware, hip-hop outfit Dälek were formerly comprised of three members – Oktopus (Alap Momin – producer), Dälek (Will Brooks – rapper) & Still (Hsi-chang Lin – turntablist), but Lin left Dälek in 2005 around about the time this release, Remains came out. If you consider the media lumping of the four elemental hip-hop components, DJing […]