necro deathmort – music of bleak origin (2011)

Realising the consequent flaws in their 2009 debut, AJ Cookson & Matthew Rozeik return as Necro Deathmort to offer some Music of Bleak Origin. Density and pace are as imperative as before, however now they take a sound refined by extensive touring & even further genre blending and set out to challenge the likes of Justin Broadrick head-on with this chalice of nauseating molasses. The most notable change is the channelling of the digital inclusion to the heavy, sludge pace, especially because there’s not as distinct a difference between the analog and the digital, just more of an industrialised approach as the two applications interweave.

For Your Own Good, Devastating Vector & Blizzard even take the release into dark ambient, dubstep & electro regardless of the fact that book ending this section is primordial doom that would dishearten even the most ambitious dance fanatic, crushing their soul under the weight of it’s overwhelming force. Not so much a sequel as a redux of This Beat is Necrotronic, Music of Bleak Origin is power incarnate and sure to see listeners who weren’t convinced the first time around, at the very least acknowledge the similar trajectories of the fluent stream of genres in the mix.