necro deathmort – this beat is necrotronic (2009)

A patchwork of broken threads mended to adorn those known as Necro Deathmort, This Beat Is Necrotronic is a good fit for such a demonic and morbid sounding collective. Clearly not just morbid from the occult flavoured cover alone, the music is a treacherous sludge through the doom laced waters it’s influenced by, straining each track further and further. While I Can See Through Time and Return to Planet Atlas keep a more archetypal hip-hop form in structure, Broadcast and Technicolour Minstrel Show spill their festering remains across the dissecting table, devoid of any rhythm and just enveloping their disgust until they bleed into the next offering.

Organic enough in form to be misinterpreted as a large ensemble, there is confusion when the release sets in that this is to become a digital experiment stuck on glitch and wacked out fuckery, however part of both it’s downfall and intrigue is This Beat Is Necrotronic’s inability to stick to one path. Those with an interest in dark, foreboding, arduously slow music could find something in this, especially because of the restraint and patience exercised once the release pushes past it’s confused introduction.

This Beat Is Necrotronic is a unique, rudimentary foundation that needs a bit more definition but as an experiment in endurance and an example of a release that only just teeters on the cusp of everything A.J. Cookson & Matthew Rozeik threw into the cauldron, it’s a befitting soundtrack to the prying eyes of your darkened neighbourhood.