leland p. malaria – full clips emptied: south host hustlin’ (2008)

Jake Murta hails from Missouri in the United States and as a fairly accurate description of what he does as listed on his Bandcamp page, Leland p. Malaria is ‘mixinupabitanoisewitsumr&b’. This particular release, Full Clips Emptied: South Host Hustlin’ plays host to a slew of various tracks cut up, looped and stacked on one another in an irregular, but somewhat competent fashion whereby the prominent use of southern rap samples are ‘moulded’ with harsh noise tracks, aimed to be used more as interesting components rather then focal points. Obviously when pinned against the dulcet tones of the chopped and screwed Trae the Truth or Devin the Dude, the harsh sections feel harsher, but much like gore to modern horror films, the graphic nature of these isolated instances become more memorable then they probably should.

6sac6 begins with repetitive loops of noise that bleed into soft folk & rock loops, all the while slotting in stabs of rap tracks and vocals until eventually reaching a crescendo of straight up noise. First Rule (as told by Chad Butler) is similarly defined except with much more use of noise, however when it comes to SS Robert Davis Jr & J.E. Hawkins of Cerebral Ceremonium, the noise is a lot more subdued and fits appropriately as a mood enhancer where all elements interweave to form a rather spooky connection. As short and repetitious as they are, these interludes as such help to form a glue that binds this plunderphonic experiment together and keep it from collapsing into an ill-equipped version of a DJ set, something it always feels as if it’s on the cusp of doing.

While not terribly exciting, Full Clips has all the trademarks of a no-care attitude and an “ironic” fuck-you to southern rap which keeps it compelling and unconventional, but without a continuity in the progression such as something like harsh noise alone, some of the ingredients and combinations don’t gel as well as they could.