hansel – lorentzian lineshaper (2006)

Devising an excursion through beat experimentations and running off hip-hop sensibilities, Hansel musicians Alan Fux & M.X. Lopecx built Lorentzian Lineshaper back in 2006. This is the most developed of their catalogue and also their latest which seems quite a shame because they’ve managed to marry everything so confidently, it’s a wonder they didn’t churn out more while they were at the height of their maturation.

Lyrically, the whole release takes on a morbid, pessimistic outlook condemning religion and conformity in a similar way to Trent Reznor yet in a much more involved, complex enigma of raps, singing and hardcore, scream vocals. If the Pat Benatar Heart Breaker cover is anything to go by, there’s also a dash of self loathing and problematic relationships thrown in for good measure, possibly to balance out any known hypocrisy on the writers behalf. The production ethic is never singularly defined, interweaving break beats, glitches and distorted kicks and snares with orchestral samples, live instrumentation, dense synth melodies and layers of other unknowns, everything fusing beautifully and moving through the sequence of tracks with such ease, it’s hard to believe this offshoot style isn’t an established genre.

While Respond_Violence was a lot more angst fuelled and chaotic ala Atari Teenage Riot, Lorentzian Lineshaper sought to bring the levels to a more common ground between the genre fusion and thus creating a well rounded record worthy of a follow up.