food for animals – belly (2008)

Bit-crushed into a form resembling that of a hip-hop mixtape, Belly is a coherent execution of digital mayhem, stretching the production tedium to breaking point. Jarring, IDM inspired electronics break you into an unexpected journey down the rabbit hole, slowing to an identifiable beat / rap scenario ala tween my lips. The tout intensity is only momentarily slackened as once again, the destructive backdrop supports an all too smooth talking H.Y & Vulture V as they continue on their merry way.

The pace becomes steadied in this fashion for most of the overall playing time, but the sporadic imperfections and decayed inflictions pierce every track so there’s never a dull moment. Only towards Grapes (Reprise) & Swampy (Summer Jam) do you get a sense that there’s an end in sight for the almost seamless path Belly has travelled thus far, mostly due to the melody lines and slightly less hyper, paranoid drum tracks.

In a nutshell, H.Y Vulture V give everything a certain grounding, while Ricky Rabbit only serves to expand priorities with his production, throwing junk around, and arranging heavily distorted, circuit bent samples into boom-bap percussions. Six years on and Belly is still sitting well ahead of the curve, surprisingly given the speed at which ‘innovation’ is being superseded by new and exciting concoctions. The expanse of influences, the inclusion of sounds, the attention to detail, boldly tied with appropriate and timely raps, all serve to compliment belly as a solid and refreshing take on all it sets out to achieve.