faust vs dälek – derbe respect, alder (2004)

Faust & Dälek respectively have a history of experimentation that runs deep. Dälek especially have brought much needed creative merit to a narrow-minded hip-hop culture, while Faust have been forever eschewing their musical pigeonhole as ‘krautrock’ since their beginning’s in the early 1970’s. Collectively, they’ve brought together the finer points of both groups signature sounds and expanded upon that to deliver a noisy, industrial attack on the world at large & turmoil at home & abroad.

Leaning more towards the sound styling’s of Dälek, Derbe Respect, Alder is heavy and never really sets up a defined grid for the lyrics to stick to, but then again the lyrics would never gel as key phrases are at times repeated, distorted, or lost amongst the expansive reach of the atmospherics, representing complimentary poetry more then any stereotyped rap. Modulated feedback & drone sequences battle with irregular, scattered drum patterns as the indefinable progression of elements create a foreboding tale of desolation.

While this does play out as a Dälek release more then Faust, Derbe Respect, Alder furthers a somewhat jaded rendition of what could be described as a stapled Dälek sound, a push in a direction that possibly Abandoned Language and/or Gutter Tactics never pursued. To their benefit however, other instances of Dälek’s split or collaborative releases with artists have produced as great, interesting results as this, but as a testament to their solo releases, Derbe Respect, Alder is the only split that should have possibly translated across as a restorative interpretation of Dälek’s current sound.