durlin lurt – him jenson (2008)

Given the resurgence of the eighties, namely that of the cassette format, there are certain stigma’s surrounding the music that is held therein. One certain feature that is now harnessed as an effect rather then a downside of the format is the static distortion & loss of detail. This concept release is ever present with this over arching effect and probably the main contributing factor to it’s point of difference.

The concept is based around Jim Henson’s ‘muppet’ characters, sampled all throughout the release, not to mention the fact that every track is named accordingly after the letters of the alphabet. Not an overly exciting concept, the beauty instead lies in the irony of Durlin Lurt’s muddy, contorted, disgusting portrayal of these seemingly harmless characters. Tracks like Trash, Junk & Understand epitomize Lurt’s overall intentions, amplifying distorted kicks and slowing the pace to a crawl so as to emphasize a certain sloppy swagger so prevalent in today’s hip-hop.

Admittedly, other tracks such as In-Out | Here 2 Do & Llamas fit the formula not too far removed from something J Dilla would produce, however interpret it even rawer then throw the slab in the meat grinder & you’re on-par with the corrupted, sleazy paedophiliac ideals of Him Jenson. The only real disappointment is how quintessentially ‘now’/trendy this release is, although maybe the dirty production stylings only serve to further compliment the disposable nature of the concept; recycling childhood memories and reinterpreting them in a modern context. Who knows, either way it’s fucked up.