dead fader – corrupt my examiner (2010)

Corrupt my Examiner is a joyful eruption of what slam dancing would accompany should it ever be permitted in a discothèque. Razor blade rhythm’s mash with digitally distorted bass lines and screaming high notes that one unbeknownst to the shock values of noise would find grating and difficult to dance to. The melody lines challenge the severity though, almost encouraging you to move in ways that further the resilient mechanism’s of archetypal dubstep in a logical manner.

Tracks like Autumn Rot, JBE Zorg, No Thief, Bitchface & Mud- push this angle in the direction expected, allowing for strong reply value due to the almost radio friendly, catchy bass and melodies atop the concrete beats. Where composers Barry Prendergast and John Cohen up the ante and even aim to rival label mates Cloaks with their rhythmic noise-esque qualities is with the title track Corrupt my Examiner where they build a faultless climb towards the most warped, ferocious drop ever executed in music of this calibre. Another great example of where enough is never quite enough is with the closing cut 2 Ton Man, where the title perfectly compliments screaming, overcooked male vocals as they crawl over fucked up heavy rhythm’s and sheets of distorted bass, amongst other inclusions.

A soundtrack to accompany a riot or a balls-to-the-wall zombie outbreak, Corrupt my Examiner is a great example of how to instigate violence on the dance floor short of actually stabbing someone through the subs – an excellent first release.