necro deathmort (2011)

From what it sounds like, Necro Deathmort have been compared to as an amalgamation of everything from Sunn o))) to Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, DJ Shadow and beyond. In your own words, what is it you guys are trying to achieve and if anyone, who specifically could you pinpoint as influences? We’re influenced by everything we’ve […]

chrysalide (2011)

Your music aims to provoke, there’s no doubt about that. What exactly are your motivations with both Chrysalide and the collective consciences’ of the Audiotrauma collective? {Syco} We are not here to entertain, but we are not here to lead an utopian revolution either – we are here to unplug a maximum of listeners. Even if […]

rick rab (2011)

Although quintessentially hip-hop at the core, you manage to bridge so many styles with your production, especially for Food for Animals. Pin pointing in particular the noise inclusion, is there a reason why your solo Ricky Rab productions aren’t as intense? Have you decided to channel that chaos only into the FFA sound? Food for Animals often […]

ЧАЙ / tea (2011)

The name чай translated to english is tchai. What is the relevance of this name? {Slava} The name of our band is translated like ‘tea’, the best drink in the world. While we were recording our first tracks, we drank a lot of tea. It was winter, it was cold, tea warms. {Ivan} The story of our […]