vicious cykill. solo project for anon speak producer, vicious cykill is an autonomous garbage disposal unit representing the cyclical nature of the trend funnel; a collision of electronic musical styles all culminating in a series of chaotic tracks. 2012 will see the debut digital release of VC and having already cut his teeth on a remix for the dj fokus and kool keith collaboration (available through itunes:, his solo project promises to be an all out assault on the bastardised archetypes of processed music

lorn. widely recognised by his 2010 brainfeeder release nothing else, a bleak, sludgy hip-hop / dubstep foray, marcos ortega has now returned through ninja tune to drop ask the dust on an eagerly awaiting public. available in possibly the largest, niche range of formats known to music production including reel-to-reel, it’s due for official release tomorrow and features a captivatingly monochromatic animation from french animation house crcr – for the lead ‘single’ ghosst. to buy the album in one of it’s numerous formats, go here:

daniel borgman, broken key, phasehound. an interesting, cross-genre beat musician from a tiny bedroom in kutztown, pennsylvania and he’s just released his latest collection of tracks titled death from within (2012) based on the speculative talk surrounding 2012, year of the apocalypse. a chaotic path through halftime, distorted beats, often overtly charismatic melodies, wild percussion, noise, idm inspired glitch and abrupt conclusions. despite the constant change in moniker, borgman’s sounds all siphon through the experimental properties of the aforementioned genres plus many more, the other great thing being you can download most of his back catalog for free on his bandcamp page:

jk flesh. latest alias for justin broadrick, a man with countless, deserving accolades to his name and a pioneer of cross boundary electronic music for the past few decades. having signed his jk flesh moniker over to the fantastic distortion fueled, post-dubstep world of 3by3, ‘posthuman‘ is the first feature length offering from the UK team and if the above example “knuckledragger” is anything to go by, the release promises to be a hark back to his techno animal / ice days with beat laden walls of density and abrupt electronic mayhem!
for up to date details on “posthuman” as well as any other 3by3 related artists, visit

small but hard. created by shigeru ishihara (of dj scotch egg & devilman) and simon fowler (co-founder of London based artist/print company cataract press), the name basically defines their entire ethos – a micro label setup to support and introduce beats of the unheard & intense kind. already filling their roster with C_C, devilman & dj scotch bonnet, they’ve set a strong precedent as a force to be reckoned with. here is the first mix in their podcast series by dj die soon